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Name Hochschild, Kohn & Co.

Associated Records

Image of 1991.035.025 - Scale

1991.035.025 - Scale

Scale metal scale marked "Hochschild Kohn and Co.". Made by America Family Scale Co., patented Oct. 25th, 1898.

Image of 1991.107.002 - Toy, Truck

1991.107.002 - Toy, Truck

Toy truck: Tin truck, miniature, modelled after the Hochschild, Kohn & Co. delivery truck of the early 20th century. Painted black and yellow with the Hochschild, Kohn & Co. logo on each side panel and "Baltimore's Best Store" under panel on each side. Wind-up mechanism under body near back wheels, driver seated in front dressed in uniform. Good condition: some paint dulling.

Image of 1991.107.003 - Plate, Commemorative

1991.107.003 - Plate, Commemorative

Silver plate: Commemorative sterling silver plate with chased rim, center inscribed: "Hochschild, Kohn & Co./ Belvedere/September 28, 1948/ Mr. Louis Kohn". Stamped "sterling" on reverse.

Image of 1991.107.004 - Plate, Commemorative

1991.107.004 - Plate, Commemorative

Silver plate: commemorative sterling silver plate with chased rim, center inscribed: "Hochschild, Kohn & Co./ Belvedere/ September 28, 1948/ Mr. Max Hochschild." Stamped "sterling" on reverse.

1991.138.003 - Shirt

Shirt: Man's cotton, button down collar. Hochschild, Kohn & Co./ Men's store label. Short sleeves. White dress shirt. Oxford cloth with loop in back at center pleat. Discolored, yellow areas. All shirts purchased by Richard Hyman during or following his high school years at Forest Park High School.

Image of 1992.012.013 - Box

1992.012.013 - Box

Small white gift box from Hochschild, Kohn & Co. Baltimore with thick and thin silver diagonal stripes

Image of 1992.135.001 - Ashtray

1992.135.001 - Ashtray

Ashtray: glazed ceramic, showing Hochschild and Kohn delivery wagon

Image of 1992.143.010a - Medal, Commemorative

1992.143.010a - Medal, Commemorative

Hochschild and Kohn silver anniversary medallion mounted on plaque, 1897-1922 Top corners of plaque have flowers carved into the wood. The bottom corners have two smaller medallions. The one on the right is a smaller version of the main medallion; the one on the left is upside down and reads " To the store family in appreciation of the loyalty which has made possible these twenty five years of progress."

Image of 1992.143.013 - Ashtray

1992.143.013 - Ashtray

Ceramic ashtray depicting Hochschild, Kohn & Co. delivery man and horse cart

Image of 1992.146.001 - Container

1992.146.001 - Container

Small rectangular box from Hochschild Kohn & Co., with alligator texture.

Image of 1992.146.003 - Hatbox

1992.146.003 - Hatbox

Small hatbox: Hochschild and Kohn Co., beige colored box with scenes of Baltimore landmarks in gold.

Image of 1992.187.001 - Shoehorn

1992.187.001 - Shoehorn

Shoehorn, chrome-plated metal with hole in one end. Stamped inscription, "HOCHSCHILD-KOHN & CO./ {floral ornament}/ BALTIMORE, MD"// SOMMER'S/ PAT 12-18-13. Some rust spots, no other damage.

Image of 1992.240.030 - Box

1992.240.030 - Box

Box, small beige; w/ city designs; from Hochschild-Kohn; 1950 - 1960.

Image of 1993.180.014 - Token

1993.180.014 - Token

Store token, oval silver metal, from Hochschild, Kohn, & Co., Baltimore; verso: monogram of store initials; recto: stamped w/ #88978.

Image of 1994.063.005 - Box

1994.063.005 - Box

Hochschild, Kohn box, hinged box with printed design showing Baltimore buildings, blue felt lining, 1960-1980.

Image of 1994.063.006 - Box

1994.063.006 - Box

Hochschild, Kohn box, square jewelry box with cotton, white with gold lettering, about 1970.

Image of 1994.063.007 - Bag

1994.063.007 - Bag

Hochschild, Kohn bag, tan paper with red printed design featuring Baltimore buildings, about 1960-1965.

Image of 1994.106.001 - Trophy

1994.106.001 - Trophy

Stieff sterling award cup, with double handles, engraved "Margaret H. Earle/ 1912-1923/ Hochschild Kohn & Co.."

Image of 1994.106.002 - Trophy

1994.106.002 - Trophy

Stieff sterling award cup, with double handles, engraved "Carolyn Appel/Hochschild Kohn & Co."

Image of 1994.106.003 - Buttonhook

1994.106.003 - Buttonhook

Silver metal buttonhook, paisley pattern on handle, marked Hochschild Kohn & Co., Baltimore, MD.